Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

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Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

Up until last year, my family spent every summer at the beach. My spouse and I didn't want to invest in a swimming pool because we thought it'd be expensive and hard to maintain. But after my youngest child developed a skin infection from the beach's sand, we changed our minds. We contacted a pool contractor in our area that offered many different types of pools. We decided to go with an above ground pool because it seemed easier to keep up than an inground pool. Plus, our kids were safe from dangerous germs. If you need a swimming pool for your home, read my blog. I show you how to find the best options for your family and why you should choose them.

What To Know About Swimming Pool Maintenance

If you have a swimming pool, you may be well aware of how time-consuming it is to maintain it. However, knowing the problems that can be caused by a lack of maintenance may help motivate you to get it done.

The Poor Water Conditions

The effects of poor swimming pool maintenance will be noticed immediately in the quality of your water. There will be increased algae growth on the surfaces of your pool, which will require more cleaning to get rid of it. The water may also have an odd odor to it, which makes the idea of swimming unappealing to you. Swimming pool water can also become cloudy over time and even feel slimy to you when you take a dip in the pool.

The Health Impact

It is not just poor water conditions that you need to be worried about since it can impact your health. You may notice that your skin becomes itchy after swimming in the pool or that your eyes are red and burning. This is due to the effect of the water quality, which means you're doing a poor job at maintaining your pool.

The Maintenance Steps

There are a few basic things that you can do to maintain your swimming pool. Start by testing the water regularly to measure the chemical balance of the water. This will let you know if you need to make changes, such as adding more chlorine to help kill off the bacteria in the pool water.

You must also take steps to clean the algae that is on the surface of the pool, which can be done by brushing it off. The filtration system should do its job of removing the loose algae once it is in the water. The skimmer basket also does a great job of catching debris that is floating in the water, but it needs to be emptied regularly to prevent it from getting too full. You can also prevent debris from getting into the skimmer basket by using a simple net to scoop up that surface debris.

The Professional Alternative

Know that you can always hire a professional pool maintenance service to help keep your pool in great condition. It is the best way to ensure that all the necessary maintenance is done, even when you are not at home to do it yourself. You'll know that the pool is in great shape whenever you are ready to go for a swim.