Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

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Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

Up until last year, my family spent every summer at the beach. My spouse and I didn't want to invest in a swimming pool because we thought it'd be expensive and hard to maintain. But after my youngest child developed a skin infection from the beach's sand, we changed our minds. We contacted a pool contractor in our area that offered many different types of pools. We decided to go with an above ground pool because it seemed easier to keep up than an inground pool. Plus, our kids were safe from dangerous germs. If you need a swimming pool for your home, read my blog. I show you how to find the best options for your family and why you should choose them.

How To Get Your Pool Ready For The Winter

Having a swimming pool can make you one of the most popular people on the block, especially among the neighbor kids. With the temperatures dropping though, you should properly close up your pool for the season so that it doesn't get ruined. To make sure that your pool continues to make you the most popular person in the neighborhood next season, this article will list a few ways for you to get your pool ready for the winter. Read on to learn some more. 

Have It Serviced

Before you close up your pool for the season, make sure that you hire a pool servicing company to come out and make sure that it's in good shape. Usually, a pool servicing company will be able to check all of the valves, vents, and other components of your swimming pool to make sure that nothing needs to be repaired or replaced. If something does need to be repaired or replaced, do it now so that everything is ready to go next summer. 

Have It Cleaned

Before you put the big cover on it for the winter, make sure to have your entire pool professionally cleaned by a pool cleaning company. Usually, they will come out to your house, drain the pool, scrub the interior of your pool, clean the vents, change the filters, and clean the tiles around the edge. Make sure that when you have your pool cleaned you are ready to put the cover right on over it; that way, no dirt or dust will get in. Plus, as long as it's perfectly clean, you shouldn't have to have it cleaned before you open up the pool in the summer. 

Get a Cover

If you're going to make one really large investment for your pool, make sure that you invest in a heavy-duty pool cover. A heavy-duty pool over will keep your pool as safe and protected as possible from winter storms, damage, debris, or animal infestations. Plus, as previously mentioned, as long as you have a good pool cover, you can have your pool cleaned before the end of the season and then just cover it. 

Having a swimming pool may make you the most popular house on the block, but it also means that you have to maintain it. Use these tips to get your swimming pool ready for the winter season. To learn more, contact a pool contractor near you.