Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

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Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

Up until last year, my family spent every summer at the beach. My spouse and I didn't want to invest in a swimming pool because we thought it'd be expensive and hard to maintain. But after my youngest child developed a skin infection from the beach's sand, we changed our minds. We contacted a pool contractor in our area that offered many different types of pools. We decided to go with an above ground pool because it seemed easier to keep up than an inground pool. Plus, our kids were safe from dangerous germs. If you need a swimming pool for your home, read my blog. I show you how to find the best options for your family and why you should choose them.

Three Tips To Prevent Tears From Developing In Your Pool Filter's Cartridges

To ensure that your uncovered pool doesn't fill up with dirt and debris that will make swimming in it a very disgusting affair, it's important that both the pump and the filter module connected to the drainage system are working properly. Since it's generally not a good idea to open the pool's motor yourself unless you're an expert, you should mainly focus your attention on preventing damage to filter cartridges when you need to remove and clean them. As long as you utilize these three tips, you shouldn't have any tears develop in your pool filter's cartridges for a long time.

Always Grab The Filters By Their Bands When You Remove Them

The fabric making up the bulk of a pool filter cartridge is a little too fragile for you to grasp directly without risking a tear. Instead, lay your hands on either the top of the cartridge or one of the bands keeping the fabric from collapsing inward. Enlist another person to help you carry the cartridge to your hose if you're inexperienced.

It's important to grab at least two bands at once so that a single band doesn't have to support the entirety of the cartridge's weight. While they're sturdier than the fabric, bands can still move or even snap if they're under enough pressure.

Keep The Water Pressure Reasonable When You Hose Them Down

The simplest way to clean a pool filter cartridge is to gently cover its exterior with soap or detergent before rinsing everything down with a garden hose. When you're rinsing, don't be tempted to speed up your work by opening the hose's valve as far as it'll go. Even if you don't cause a tear immediately, too much water pressure will weaken the fabric to the point that holes could form later while water is flowing through your pool's drainage system again.

Ensure That The Manifold Holding The Filters Down Is Still Sturdy

The manifold is the piece of plastic above the cartridges that holds them in place while they're in the filter tank. If an old manifold has any cracks on it, don't close your filter tank and turn on your pool's motor again without replacing it.

If you don't replace the manifold, a part of the manifold could come apart suddenly. This will cause the cartridges to lean in random directions, shifting the water inside of them to unnatural positions and making a tear almost inevitable.

To learn more about properly caring for filter cartridges, talk to a pool service company like Celebrity Pools.