Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

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Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

Up until last year, my family spent every summer at the beach. My spouse and I didn't want to invest in a swimming pool because we thought it'd be expensive and hard to maintain. But after my youngest child developed a skin infection from the beach's sand, we changed our minds. We contacted a pool contractor in our area that offered many different types of pools. We decided to go with an above ground pool because it seemed easier to keep up than an inground pool. Plus, our kids were safe from dangerous germs. If you need a swimming pool for your home, read my blog. I show you how to find the best options for your family and why you should choose them.

Restoring Your Outdated Pool Replacing And Choosing The Best New Liner Or Surface

If you have an outdated pool with a worn surface or liner, you can have problems with leaks, erosion, and water quality. Anyone that has a pool, knows that every year there are repairs to be done. If you want to restore your pool, you may want to consider replacing the pool surface or installing a new liner. If you want to surface your pool and replace the liner during restoration, here are some of the things you will want to consider about restoration and surfacing of your pool:

1. Deciding Whether To Replace The Vinyl Liner

Vinyl liners have some disadvantages, such as fading with chemicals, tears, or holes. These problems can happen, but it does not mean that a vinyl liner is not a good choice. If you want to have an affordable liner for your pool, vinyl can be a good choice and can last for many years and only need small repairs done. A vinyl liner can be a good choice if you want to have the same basic pool design and a quick, affordable solution for the restoration of your pool.

2. Tile Pool Surfacing Design For Comfort

Another option for your pool surface is using tile. This can be done over sealed concrete, and give your pool an attractive custom look. It is more costly than some other pool surfaces, but it is comfortable and long lasting. If there is damage to the tile, it can easily be repaired and usually will not require entire resurfacing of the pool. The downside to tile is the cost, but it will also outlast many other pool surfaces.

3. Coated Concrete Pool Surface Design

Concrete can be a great solution to replace your vinyl pool liner. A sealed concrete surface can be applied to your pool, which is an affordable solution for replacing a vinyl liner. It is a system that may not be ideal for salt filtration systems, but can be good for chlorine or natural pool filtration. This is one of the least expensive options you have if you want to replace the vinyl liner in your pool with a solid surface.

4. Converting To A Fiberglass Liner For Low Maintenance

Another option to replace your vinyl liner is to convert it to a fiberglass liner. This is much like concrete surfacing, but layers of fiberglass and resin will be used to seal the concrete. It is one of the most durable options for surfacing your pool, and can withstand any type of filtration system including salt. Repairs to this type of surface can easily be done, and the pool surface will likely never need to be replaced.

These are some of the things that you will want to consider when replacing a vinyl liner or adding a new pool surface in the restoration of your pool. If you need help with the restoration and surfacing of your pool, contact a swimming pool rennovation contractor to bring your pool back to life.