Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

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Swimming Pools: Keeping Summers Cool, Refreshed and Safe

Up until last year, my family spent every summer at the beach. My spouse and I didn't want to invest in a swimming pool because we thought it'd be expensive and hard to maintain. But after my youngest child developed a skin infection from the beach's sand, we changed our minds. We contacted a pool contractor in our area that offered many different types of pools. We decided to go with an above ground pool because it seemed easier to keep up than an inground pool. Plus, our kids were safe from dangerous germs. If you need a swimming pool for your home, read my blog. I show you how to find the best options for your family and why you should choose them.

Three Ways To Get The Most Of Your Pool Installation With A Custom Design

If you want to have a pool installed for your home, there are many options. One option that you have is using fiberglass pool liners, which have the same basic designs. This can limit the features that you can have added to your pool. With a custom design for your pool, you will be able to add all the features you want to enjoy for this relaxing area of your home. Here are three ways that you can get the most out of a custom pool design.

1. Adding A Wading Step To The Pool Design

If you want to have a nice relaxing area in your pool, adding a large wading step can be a great addition to the design. The steps can have an unconventional design and be part of the shallow area of your pool, allowing you to take advantage of the relaxing shallow wading area of your pool. It can also feature a drop off into a deeper area of your pool to give the illusion of depth in your pool.

2. Natural Looking Water Features With Plants

Another great option for a custom pool design is having a natural look. This is something that can be done by using water features, natural filtration and a combination of natural colors for the surface of your pool. You may also want to consider the plants that you use around your pool to give it a natural look. Grasses and palm trees are excellent choices to use in the design of your custom pool area. These can also be added to water features to give them a more natural appearance.

3. Sitting Areas In And Around The Pool

The sitting areas around your pool are another thing that you will want to consider in the design of your custom pool. You can even have things like a covered patio area incorporated into your design. Submerged seating can be another addition to these areas to allow you to enjoy a drink while sitting in the pool.  The sitting area of your pool can have seating integrated in the water, as well as dry seating in a patio area to provide you with the seating you want at any time, by the poolside.

These are some of the things that you can do to get the most out of your custom pool design.  If you want to have some of these features added to your pool, contact a professional pool installation contractor like Contemporary Pools Inc and ask them about helping you with the design of your custom pool.